Oman Paralympic Committee receives IBSA membership

MUSCAT, August 17 – After a series of accomplishments in different regional and international events, International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) granted Oman Paralympic Committee (OPC) the permanent membership in the International Federation. Oman has become the first in the GCC country and the third country from the Arab region to become a member of the IBSA. The OPC had prepared a full bid to apply for the membership in the IBSA and that included the committee’s efforts to spread the sports among different targeted categories. Also, Omani Paralympic athletes’ achievements were part of the bid and all that were accepted by the IBSA to provide the OPC a paramagnet membership.
“Since the formation of the OPC in 2015, all the previous and current efforts paid off a success for the committee to be a part in the international family. The international membership will enable the Sultanate’s athletes to take part in all the sports categorised under the IBSA and all the players will receive the dedicated licences to be part in these international class events. In addition to that, being a part in the in the International Federation will support Omani coaches and referees to develop and take part in the top class workshops and seminars,” Dr Mansour bin Sultan al Touqi, Chairman of Oman Paralympic Committee, said.
Al Touqi added that more than 160 members are belonging to the IBSA who provided all the success tools to the members to boost the sports in their country. “We are expecting bright future for the Sultanate’s Paralympic sport after this essential step. The international membership will open the floor to expand the development of the Paralympic sports and boost number of athletes through increasing the local competitions and raising the Sultanate’s participation in the external events. A dedicated thanks to the ministry and to all the partners and sponsors for their continuous support to OPC,” chairman of Oman Paralympic Committee, concluded.
Oman’s Paralympic Team registered consecutive successes in the last period and raised the flag of the Sultanate high through recording top positions in the regional, continental and international Paralympic competitions and championships.
Oman’s Paralympic stars won seven medals in total in the 13th edition of the Tunisia International Paralympics Athletics event in July. Also, the Sultanate’s Paralympics heroes had claimed 47 medals at the Special Olympics World Games which concluded in Abu Dhabi in March.