Oman Nursing Association joins International Council of Nurses

Geneva: The International Council of Nurses (ICN) announced the acceptance of the Oman Nursing Association into membership.
ICN President Annette Kennedy said, “I am delighted to welcome the Oman Nursing Association to the ICN family. For over 120 years, ICN has given nurses a global voice. This work is critically important now we are facing a global pandemic. We are proud to add ONA to the richness and diversity of our membership, especially during these challenging times when we are advocating for the protection, prioritisation and fair compensation of nurses working at the frontlines of healthcare.”
Abdallah bin Ahmed al Rubaiey, President of the Oman Nursing Association (ONA) said, “We at ONA and nurses in Oman are tremendously excited to be admitted to the membership of ICN, the organisation which has proved itself as the global platform to gather and empower the global nurse community.
“Being a member of this leading organisation, ONA will put all of its efforts in working towards advancing nursing, nurses and healthcare for all. The nurses in Oman and across the world are at the forefront of this extremely difficult time of dealing with COVID-19 outbreak. We have seen evidence of nurses’ and other healthcare staff’s diligence and unwavering dedication in response to the coronavirus, the crisis of which has surpassed all sense of realism expected of 2020,” he said.
The International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife dedicated by WHO to nurses and midwives has thus in the process provided a once in a generation opportunity to showcase their dedicated work.
“Several private and public programmes are now also established in the Sultanate and open to give Omanis the opportunity to start a professional career in nursing and in many cases with provisions for scholarships by the government. ONA is looking forward to working hand in hand with ICN towards advancing nursing, nurses and healthcare for all,” he said.
Howard Catton, ICN Chief Executive Officer said, “We are delighted to be strengthening the voice of nursing across the globe. By joining ICN, the Oman Nursing Association is helping to ensure nurses in their country have a say in how health policy is developed and implemented. By giving nurses that power, we are helping to save lives.”
ONA established in 2017 is the only association for nurses in the country. With the addition of ONA, ICN has 10 member associations from the Middle East including Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine and the UAE.