Oman may experience haze in the next three days

Muscat: The next three days may not be the best for outdoor sports and this is why – haze carrying dust all the way from Iran.

Areas in the Muscat Governorate and small parts of North and South Sharqiyah as well as South Al Batinah have been experiencing haze this week. Even though the haze is not that thick it is better to avoid for health reasons said the weather expert.

The north easterly wind blowing from the direction of Iran has resulted in the haze currently experienced in Muscat. The north easterly wind is expected to move over to light south westerly wind around 8 pm on Monday while maintaining a wind speed of seven to eight knots. It is expected to be variable by early morning Tuesday bringing down the speed to five knots.

“The haze will continue till Wednesday but it will be better by than what is being currently experienced,” said the weather expert at Oman Met Office.