Oman Manufacturers Assn formed

Muscat, Dec 26 – The Oman Manufacturers’ Association has been established in the Sultanate and it is now open for memberships.
This was announced at a press conference addressed by Hussain bin Salman al Lawati, founder of Oman Cable Industry (Chairman of the association), Dr Hilal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed al Hinai (Vice-Chairman) and Saeed bin Nasser al Rashedi (CEO).
They said the industrial sector has been instrumental in creating investment as well as employment opportunities.
The sector’s contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 11 per cent. It employs 46,000 people, of which 17,000 (36 per cent) are nationals.
Stating that the association was looking for memberships, Al Lawati said it was a “non-profit organisation”.
He said the association’s “objective is to see how investors can benefit, how the country
can benefit and how we can increase competitiveness of manufacturing industry so we can export more
and compete in the local market as well”.
A group of manufacturers, with the objective of increasing the sector’s contribution to the GDP and taking part in decision-making process, formed the association. It was officially registered by Decision No. 70/2018 on April 30, 2018.
He said the association would include industrial investors and large, medium and small industrial establishments from different governorates.
This, he said, will benefit the industrial sector and make it one of the economic pillars of the Sultanate.
“The practical scope of the association will be in all governorates. It will be managed through the Muscat governorate,” he said.
Al Lawati said, “Since its inception and until the official registration of the association, we received great support from Dr Ali bin Masoud al Sunaidy, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Tanfeedh implementation unit.”
Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), he said, understood the need for an association that could communicate with different parties and cooperate with the OCCI, the umbrella organisation for private sector.
When asked about the challenges, he said: “Challenges are found in the manpower requirement, cost of power, raw material and changes in regulations from time to time which sometimes can have a negative impact.”
Dr Al Hinai, in his speech, said the association seeks to achieve a set of objectives, including overcoming challenges facing industrial investors, finding solutions to them, and offering advice in the preparation of regulations and legislation related to the industrial sector.
The goals also include enhancing communication and coordination among relevant parties in the industrial sector.
Al Hinai said the association is currently managed by a board of directors consisting of nine members for a term of two years.
He said the membership of the association is available to everyone who meets a set of conditions, including experience in economic/ industrial field, management experience, familiarity with industry, experience with industrial establishments or entrepreneurs in industrial field.
Said al Rashdi said the General Assembly held its first meeting on September 27 to elect the Chairman and Vice-Chairman. Another meeting was held to appoint the CEO, adopt the first budget and appoint an executive committee to carry out various tasks.
Al Rashdi said from January the association will carry out visits to all the industrial zones of ‘Madayn’, (Public Establishment of Industrial Estates in the Sultanate.
“It is an important step to meet manufacturers, get their feedback and involve them in activities related to the industrial sector, and communicate with related parties to highlight the concerns of manufacturers and challenges facing them and propose appropriate solutions.”
Al Rashidi called on manufacturers to register their membership with the association, through which members will be able to establish relations with the remaining manufacturers.
Members will receive advisory services from the association.
One of the board members, Ram Chidambaram, CFO, Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC, said, “We want to address the challenges and opportunities together for the betterment of all the industries.”