Oman LNG basks in international spotlight as IGRC 2020 opens

The International Gas Union Research Conference 2020 (IGRC 2020) opened under the auspices of Dr Mohammed bin Hamad al Rumhy, Minister of Oil and Gas, on Monday with Oman LNG as the event host.
The 16th edition of the International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC 2020) got under way at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre (OCEC) with the attendance of a large number of senior-level executives and technical gas experts from the global gas and energy industry.

The opening keynotes of the conference were delivered by Eng Harib al Kitani, CEO of Oman LNG, Professor Joe M Kang, President of IGU, and Shaikh Khalid al Massan, CEO of Oman LNG Development Foundation and Chairman of the National Organising Committee.
Dr Mohamed al Rumhy launched the opening of the conference panel sessions. Additionally, Salim al Aufi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, spoke at the opening plenary, on the topic of, “Technology Addressing Global Energy Challenges Across the Gas Value Chain”.
The three-day conference has pulled in a host of international and local guests in deliberations on gas innovations for a sustainable future; a conversation which is due to provide a unique insight into the technologies of tomorrow within this ever-evolving sector.
The IGRC is a triennial event organised by IGU which highlights the research, development and innovation aspects of the ever-growing gas and energy industry. Additionally, the esteemed event leverages the Sultanate’s strategic location and enhances the country’s profile as a preferred destination for doing business.
Commenting on the opening ceremony, Eng Harib al Kitani, CEO of Oman LNG, said: “IGRC 2020 is a unique platform where global, local, and national expertise exchange knowledge and share ideas on the latest studies and findings within the flourishing gas industry. We are proud as Oman LNG to have been given the opportunity by the IGU as well as the government to host the IGRC 2020.”
The three-day programme features a total of 36 conference sessions. The themes of the IGRC 2020 focus on Gas Pipeline and Distribution, Gas Supply, Cross-Cutting, different types of Gas Utilisation, and finally Environment and Sustainability. Face-to-face sessions and workshops will also take place which will follow the themes of innovation, technology, advancements in the industry, a cleaner world, digital transformation, digital technologies, planning and management.
Oman LNG, as the longest existing IGU member in Oman, has invested great efforts to bring prestigious gas events to Oman, to be able to showcase the multitude of wonders this country has in abundance – from its strategic geographic location and well-developed venues to the beautiful natural splendour.
The LNG industry is a significant contributor to a steadily increasing quality of life for citizens and residents in the Sultanate through its execution of a wide swath of social investment programmes through the Oman LNG Development Foundation that addresses many economic and social needs. The export of Oman’s first cargo was in 2000 and since then, proceeds from the blossoming trade have supported, what some observers have described as an ambitious diversification programme that has spurred growth in other important sectors of the economy, including tourism, agriculture and the spread of vital infrastructure that supports business and daily life.
Shaikh Khalid al Massan, the CEO of Oman LNG Development Foundation, Chairman of the National Organising Committee, commented, “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity bestowed upon us to host IGRC 2020, we worked intensively and closely to tune together with all our partners to make this conference a successful, and an extremely fruitful and beneficial for all our delegates, as well as attendees. With the support and trust of the IGU, and our Government; we were able to celebrate this achievement today, and especially our partnership of the Oman Exhibition and Convention Centre, the ideal partner for this conference.”