Oman in an Italian artist’s soul

THE-SCENT-(front)By Mai Al Abria — I conceive art as a gift to communicate, with a universal and intuitive language,” shared Italian artist Lucia Oliva during the launch of her solo exhibition at Bait Al Zubair last Wednesday. “I conceive it to possess beauty and strength which makes it possible to experience it in every aspect of life. I conceive its aim that is to create a bridge between my soul and that of other people,” she added. The iconic exhibition, “Oman in my Soul” was opened under the auspices of Sayyida Aliya bint Thuwaini Al Said, at Bait Al Zubair, Bait al Oud.
“I discovered Oman only a few years ago and this land immediately conquered my soul, lighting in me the desire to explore it and discover its heart better and better,” Lucia narrated.
“I appreciated the passion and commitment in preserving its original identity and culture, its majestic, pure and wild nature and above all, its people — equally, genuinely welcoming and friendly as well as proud of their traditions,” she said.
“This exhibition is my homage to a unique land that captured my heart — a fascinating country rich in history and treasures,” she added.
The-HunterLucia Oliva is a self-taught artist, who grew up loving music, dancing, sculpting, painting, literature and drama. She also likes writing poems. After an early award-winning debut as a young painter, she went back to figurative arts in 2013, as a development of her long international career in the world of art as choreographer, dancer and event organizer.
Lucia is an eclectic contemporary artist whose work is rich in astonishing scenic effects meant to be both emotional and conceptual in the eyes of the people.
Her visual perspectives emanate from her love for ballet dancing and choreography which are embodied in stone, often in scenic set-ups with mirrors.
As an artist, Lucia invented a unique concept to create small theatrical installations and get evocative visual effects like “trompe l’oeil” and original scenic set ups. She works on natural stone (mainly marble and volcanic one); their shapes —  marked by time and incidents — are characterized by music, movements or rifts, to which she gives life to her artwork called, “sculpting with colour”.
Her original art has been granted a fast and ever growing success and appreciation in many solo and group exhibitions. Her works are owned by private collectors in Europe as well as in India, Oman, Jordan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries.
Lucia’s exhibition will run until April 6, 2017 at Bait al Oud in Bait Al Zubair from 9 am till 5.30 pm, Sunday to Thursday.