Oman is attracting investment and talent

There are many excellent reasons to locate your business in Oman. They range from our favourable low tax regime and supportive business environment, to the availability of a well-educated workforce, easy access to large and affluent markets and an outstanding quality of life.
1. Oman is a business-friendly environment
Stable and legally transparent, Oman is low on bureaucracy and tax and big on ambition and enterprise. And there’s high-quality, affordable work and office space in every part of the sultanate.
2. Oman is a regional leader
Our advantageous location, world-class connectivity, twenty-first century infrastructure, educated and ambitious young talent pool, cutting edge research centres, state-of-the-art industrial estates and globally focused free zones are just some of the benefits enjoyed by leading companies in manufacturing, tourism, logistics, fisheries and mining who have set up here in Oman.
3. Oman is innovative and entrepreneurial
Oman-based start-ups have access to a dynamic ecosystem of support that includes, but is in no way limited to, plentiful and high quality business incubator space, ready access to training and mentors, help with ideas protection and technical support. The level of funding available to new businesses in Oman is high by international standards.
4. Oman is a great place to live and work
Oman is an outstanding place to set up home, raise a family, grow your business, develop your career and have the time of your life. It offers accommodation options to suit any and every requirement, great schools and top quality healthcare. On top of that, it has first-class recreational facilities and entertainment options, not to mention a stunning natural environment. Shall we go on?
5. Oman is a gateway to large and affluent markets
Enviably located and boasting fast and efficient transport links to markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Oman is one of the most open and globally connected countries in the world.