Sonia Kumar –

Sonia Kumar

The land of the sun, the sand and the sea,
The land of the desert plains and the palm trees,
So untouched a beauty to behold,
Like a hidden treasure to unfold.

Its rocky mountains standing tall and high,
Its pristine beaches you never
want to say goodbye,
The oasis and the wadis we love to discover,
They are a part of Oman’s treasure.

The beautiful sunrise and sunsets
Leave a photographer in awe and wonder,
The starlit sky in the night
Is any day a stargazer’s delight.

The souq is so alluring and inviting,
With all its bright colours and lighting,
You cannot miss the frankincense
and the bakhoor,
Which tingle your senses with
their unique aromas.

The people are so warm and nice,
They welcome you with a beautiful smile,
They make you feel safe and at home,
They welcome you as one of their own.

The land which gave us new thoughts,
new ideas and a new way of life,
The land which nurtured us
and made us its own,
Away from our country we still feel at home,
We feel safe and protected like
in a mother’s womb.

Every time when I wander out,
The warmth and the beauty tug at my heart,
Its people so courteous and warm,
Every time I feel blessed to be
living in a place like Oman.