Oman Health System Observatory set up

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Health has announced the establishment of the Oman Health System Observatory (OHSB) as part of the innovative initiatives of the Directorate-General of Planning and Studies.
The ministry said the observatory, first of its kind in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, aims to provide information that supports health policies and enable proper planning based on scientific evidence as well as boost people’s health with efficient system.
The OHSB will accord great attention to the governorates and will strive to be among the centres cooperating with the World Health Organization with regard to developing health systems. It constitutes a platform for continued monitoring of the changes and dynamics in the health system.
The OHSB will contribute to achieving special objectives including providing comprehensive description and analysis of the dynamics of health systems and the changes that occur in them as well as benefiting from the accumulated experiences in the health system in order to shed light on the issues related to health policies and provide a platform for the academics, policy-makers and organisations to suitably analyse the patterns and changes in the health policies to enable them to suggest solutions and alternatives as well as draw suitable health policies.