Oman gets tough with new penalties for food safety violations

Muscat: The Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR) issued a decision on Sunday that amended the Food Safety Law with new penalties.

As per the decision, selling food products in unlicensed places or selling unsourced products (not having or attributed to a known source or origin) will invite a fine of not less than RO100 and not more than 500.

Establishments will be charged with a fine of not less than RO100 and not more than RO500 if the staff is not trained in food safety products as per the guidelines issued by the quality control departments.

Establishments will be charged for between RO100 and RO5,000 for manufacturing food items without a license or dealing with counterfeit or harmful substances not suitable for human consumption.

As per the decision, restaurants and cafes, fast food restaurants, bakeries, kitchens, food processing plants, mills, livestock slaughterhouses, shopping malls as well as areas designated for refrigerated, frozen, canned and dry food products will come under the law.

The places designated for storage and preparations of food should have cameras installed for any kind of supervision.

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