Oman Embassy in US holds event with focus on SMEs

WASHINGTON: The Ministry of Information, represented by the media attaché at the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in Washington, held an iftar along with an event entitled ‘Encouraging Omani Small and Medium Enterprises’. The event was organised with a view to encouraging trade between the United States and the Sultanate and exploring joint employment opportunities.

It was attended by economists and representatives of international companies, as well as prominent figures including former Washington mayor Adrien Fenty.
A group of Omani entrepreneurs introduced their products during the occasion.
Ambassador Hanina bint Sultan al Mughairi, the Sultanate’s ambassador to the United States, opened the evening with a speech highlighting the importance of trade exchange to support the economy of the two countries.
The Ministry of Information honoured Dr John Anthony, President of the National Council for American-Arab Relations.
The ambassador presented a souvenir in recognition of his great role in developing relations between the US and the Sultanate through the Council and all his research on the Sultanate.
This was the fifth such event to be organised by the Sultanate, represented by the Ministry of Information and the media attaché in Washington, with the aim of strengthening US-Oman relations.