Oman clinches the MENA Nations Cup karting title

Oman karting team clinched the title of MENA Nations Cup Karting Championship which concluded on Friday at the Muscat Speedway in Oman Automobile Association.
The Sultanate karting team racers finished in the first place as they accumulated 952 points in the overall category.
This achievement in motorsport came as the championship featured participation of the best of young talents and young racers from 20 MENA member nations.
The Moroccan team placed in the second place as they have 575 points while the UAE team finished in third position as they possess 417 points.
Lebanon team came in fourth position as they claimed 382 points while Egyptian team finished in fifth position with 369 points and followed by Jordanian team in the sixth place.
The rest of teams were positioned as follow: Kuwait team at seventh position (251 points), Algeria at eighth position (225 points), Tunisia team at ninth place (176 points), Qatar team at tenth place (153 points), Saudi team at 11th position (97 points), Palestine team at 12th position (76 points) and Bahrain team at 13th place (7 points).
Omani racers impressed also at the individual category as they lifted many titles including the talented racer Fahad al Habsi who crowned the Mini Max category title. The Sultanate’s young racer Wadee al Kharousi won the title of elite sprint category. Oman’s karting driver Abdullah al Rawahi claimed the awards of the second and third places at DD2 category.
At Bumpominio racing category, Switzerland’s Zack claimed the first award title while Arez Arier came in second. At Bumpominio2 racing category, the racer Arez Arier won the title.
At Micro-Max racing category, Lebanon’s Christopher Fighali clinched the title while the Egyptian Zain al Hamsani finished in second. At Mini Max category, Oman’s Fahad al Rawahi claimed the title after a tough competition with Jordan’s racer Faisal Naskho who was positioned as a runner up.
All the participated racers had 18 rounds for a distance of 21 km. At Junior racing category, Kuwait’s Fahad al Khalid was the champions of the MENA in junior level while Moroccan racer Sulieman Zanfari came in second position.
All the participated racers had 20 cycles for a distance of 24 km. At Max racing category, Jordan’s racer AbdulRahman Farej won the title among 17 racers with close competitions with his team-mate Ameer al Najar from Jordan who finished as runner up. At DD2 category and for a distance of 24 kilometre and 20 rounds, Lebanon’s Matias Najeem clinched the first place award while the Sultanate’s Abdullah al Rahawi came in second. At endurance Karting category, Oman’s teams (1 and 3) managed to lift the MENA title after completion of 113 cycles with a better timing registered than Oman team (3) who came as a runner up.
The inaugural edition was the best platform to feature the best of young talents together to showcase their potential. Oman’s karting racers gained the experience and they were in a perfect contact with other experienced racers from different part of the world.
Shaikh Rashad bin Ahmed al Hinai, the Under-secretary of Ministry of Sports Affairs, was the chief guest in presence of the Oman Automobile Association (OAA) and officials from FIA-MENA. The chief guest distrusted the awards to the top winners in all categories.
Emad Lahood, FIE-board member, expressed his satisfactory on the top class organising for the both events including Oman International Drift Championship (OIDC) and MENA Nations Cup Karting Championship. “Both of the top class events were completed in a perfect note. Thanks to Oman Automobile Association (OAA) team. We are very proud with OAA team and they have a super team who can manage the top class events in very organised and as per the international standards. We are expecting many mega motorsports events in Muscat very soon” he said.