Oman chess players take part in virtual friendly camps

Oman Chess Committee (OCC) participated with other Arab associations and federations at the virtual friendly camps through using the advanced technology systems. OCC were one of the earliest committees and associations domestically which activated the online events since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak as the committee had organized many e-tournaments and online training sessions.

 Oman chess team players began their e-camps on April 20 as part of OCC to continue further in the training schedule of the national team players to raise their technical level performance. OCC agreed with different countries to hold these e-camps and the first country was Lebanon. The virtual camp featured the participation of 12 players including junior and general categories. The Sultanate chess players held a draw with the Lebanon team in the initial two rounds. The national team players will continue their preparatory e-matches this week with Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon teams on Monday and Tuesday in a weekly basis. The technical system of the e-matches at the virtual camps through “Lichess” application and each round is for 30 minutes + 10 seconds. As many as 12 players can join the application including all the categories: General, Women, and junior players. The allowed ranking of players should be below 1200 points. OCC will broadcast some matches live through the social media channels besides providing the technical analysis of some games as part of sharing the lessons learned from the matches.

 The Sultanate chess team probable’s who participated at the virtual camps are represented by many top players. The players from the general category are: Salim al Omari, Amin al Ansi, Mohammad al Omari, Salim Shammas and Mohammad al Omari. The ladies team comprise of the following probable’s: Al Anwood al Ghafri,  Anaa al Eisaei and Kamila al Ghafri and the junior category list include the following players: Hamoud al Busaidi, Abdul Rahman al Zadjali, Anas al Darwoushi, and Suhib al Rubei.

 In the side, OCC launched its channel at the “Youtube” website as an official tool for all the chess lovers to learn more strategies, opening ways on the game and analyzing the matches. In addition to that, OCC provided dedicated e-courses for junior level players to learn more chess games.