Oman Air’s social responsibility initiatives win gold medal

CAIRO: Oman Air has won the Golden Excellence Medal for social responsibility at the 12th session of the Arabic Organization for Social Responsibility (ROSR). This award recognises Oman Air’s outstanding contribution through its sustainable initiatives launched as a part of its ongoing CSR strategy. The award ceremony of ROSR was held at Savoy Hotel in Sharm al Shaikh in Egypt to acknowledge 12 outstanding organisations selected by an independent committee in recognition of their social initiatives.
Oman Air earned its Golden Excellence Medal for its numerous sustainable initiatives in both school and university academics, scientific research, environmental work, and support of those with special needs, as well as people living on low incomes in Oman. These initiatives were developed to strengthen the national carrier’s positive influence and create a true sense of solidarity between Oman Air and the local community.
Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gregorowitsch, commented: “We are very proud to receive the Golden Excellence Medal in the 12th session of the ROSR. As the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman, we take our corporate and social responsibility very seriously and we take pride in delivering tangible benefits for the people of our country. To be honoured by the golden medal of ROSR demonstrates that we are having a positive social impact and our work has echoed loud and clear throughout the community. We are grateful to the awards organizers and the jury for their commendations.”
On his turn, Dr Khalid bin Abdul Wahab al Balushi, Senior Manager Government Relations and Sustainability at Oman Air, said: “Oman Air is proud to promote positive corporate citizenship through its policies and practices. Furthermore, as our nation’s national airline, Oman Air’s commitment to the Omani people is absolute. This is demonstrated through the high proportion of Omani citizens employed within the company, and by the excellent opportunities for training and career progression that we offer.” — ONA