Oman Air flight to Mumbai Airport diverted: Reports

On Sunday, an Oman Air flight coming to Mumbai from Muscat was diverted to Hyderabad due to air traffic congestion as a landing system instrument upgrade on the runway has been leading to delays in flight operations.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is upgrading its instrument landing system or ILS, which guides aircraft to the runway even in low visibility situation such as thick fog or rain. The ILS uses a combination of radio signals to help pilots land even when they cannot see the runway, reported the Indian media.

An airport official said Oman Air flight WY203 finally left Hyderabad at 3:26 pm and reached Mumbai at 5 pm.

Without ILS support, planes are keeping a farther distance between them, which is making them take longer to land and leave the runway. As more flights approach Mumbai, a cascading effect of longer take-off and landing wait time results in delays.
Meanwhile, “the wait time due to congestion is not acceptable,” the Indian media quoted the pilot of the flight


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