OGC uses drone technology for gas pipeline inspections

To harness the power of technology for the gas transmission activities and operations, Oman Gas Company (OGC), a member of Oman Oil and Orpic group, has adopted drone-based aerial inspections across its natural gas pipeline infrastructure.
This type of high-tech aerial vehicles will enable the company to inspect pipeline infrastructure faster and economically and safely detect and fix potential operational and technical faults in compressor and block valve stations.
“There is no doubt that drones are increasingly used for a wide variety of applications in the oil and gas industry. We conducted a study on application of this technology in our operations and as an outcome, we reckoned that the aerial inspections will help us save costs from vehicles contracting, related fuel consumption, and bringing specialised crews for inspection and surveying. As well, it will save time while improving efficiency and safety of our employees.
Besides regular inspections to identify any issue, this technology has the potential to support our operation teams to efficiently collect vital information from those assets and help in determine the best solutions,” said Mansoor bin Ali al Abdali, Director of Operations.
Since inception, Oman Gas Company has been committed to apply the highest standards to preserve our environment and reduce CO2 emissions from operation and maintenance activities.
Applying this technology will help to effectively reduce CO2 emissions of vehicles used during periodic inspections of pipelines and driven at an estimated distance of 260,000 km/year.
Other than improving monitoring and inspection of the infrastructure, the drone technology will help to maintain health of our employees by rescheduling the strenuous daily field activities and off-road driving.
The future of this technology is promising and it will bring about a radical change and an unrivalled value to the company’s operations and its employees.