OFC signs deals with clubs to boost sport in Sultanate

MUSCAT, Feb 16 – Oman Fencing Committee (OFC) signed serial of agreements with many local clubs to promote and develop fencing across the Sultanate. The signing function took place on Monday night at Seeb Stadium under the auspices of Khalifa bin Saif al Issaei, General Director of Sports Activities at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, in presence of Khalid bin Said al Shuaibi, Chairman of OFC, and the chairmen of the clubs.
The deals were signed between OFC and the six clubs including Ahli Sidab, Oman club, Qurayat, Al Bashayer, Al Nahda and Salalah. Khalid al Shuaibi signed on behalf the OFC while the chairman of each club represented the second party.
The agreements aimed to implement OFC objective of boosting the Olympic sport of fencing in the Sultanate through domestic clubs. Moreover, enrolling the fencing sport among the clubs’ activities besides spreading the game across Oman. The goal of the agreements also was to have better preparations of fencing team players through dedicated technical coaching staff led by coach Hisham Karshood.
Speaking during the function, the OFC chief affirmed that this step is a historic moment for the committee which was formed two years ago.
“I believe this is the right moment to begin the campaign with our stakeholders, the clubs, towards better development of fencing in the Sultanate. Despite all the challenges faced during the last period, the Oman fencing team had managed to register many accomplishments during this short period. The OFC had received the international membership from FIE and our team heroes had registered top results in many GCC and Arab meets. We are looking for more in forthcoming years,” he said.
Khalid al Shuaibi thanked the board members of OFC, coaching staff and players’ parents for their efforts during the last two years.
Sayyid Said al Busaidy, Chairman of Oman club, said fencing is a new sport to Oman.
“It is a favourite sport for many interested in it. After the activation of the agreement with OFC, the clubs have to strengthen and develop this sport along with OFC and create the right competition environment for the players. Diversification of the sports and activities in the clubs are required and this will assist to create new generation equipped in different sports. This is one of the philosophies which we are implementing at Oman club and it is adherent to the Ministry’s directions to diversify the sports and activities in the club,” he said.
Khalifa bin Saif al Issaei said the initiative of OFC to sign deals with the clubs is an important step towards development of fencing in the Sultanate. “The clubs are the best organisations to boost and strengthen different sports and the OFC took the right decision through this cooperation with local clubs. We are looking forward for high level activation between OFC and the six signed clubs,” he said.
Al Issaei ended his statements by ensuring that the Ministry had provided and will continue to support OFC to deliver their objectives. “There is an equipped venue with all facilities for fencing players at Seeb Stadium. The Ministry have a set plan to provide another facility for the fencing players and that will depend on the future development of this sport in the Sultanate,” he concluded.