OFA workshops prepare club officials for new season

MUSCAT, August 1 – Professional league department will conclude a series of workshops, aimed at a better preparation for the football season 2018-19, on Thursday at Glory Bower Hotels in Al Ghubrah. All the participants who are representing clubs as match coordinators will be distributed into a group to discuss different cases that might happen during the season. A member from each group should explain later on the case and provide full details on it. The first preparatory workshop for the new season was held on Tuesday with the participation of Omantel League clubs managers, clubs media coordinators, match commissioners and some officials from Professional League (PL) department.

Shaikh Shabib Hilal al Hosni, Assistant general secretary at OFA, commenced the workshop by stating on importance of organising these kinds of the workshops prior starting of the season’s competitions. During the workshop, officials from PL department presented the league matches schedule, rules and regulations for all the matches at league, mechanism of registration of the players, technical and administrative teams, Fifa connect system and CMS system. Last two mentioned systems are the updated systems in managing of football competitions which will be implemented for the first time.

The new system is connected directly with Fifa system for player’s registration. It saves time and efforts. It allows for all the clubs to enter the system and get the latest updates of the league schedules, matches referees list, players list and other options. “The main purpose of these workshops is to prepare all concerned well for the next domestic season. This is very essential that all clubs need to be familiarised with all the updates regarding league competitions. Also, we released Omantel League schedule recently. We hope every participant will implement the lessons from the workshops for a better season that achieve the target,” Hisham al Adwani, Director of PL department, said.