OFA seeks Futsal Talent with Mazda Power of five tournaments

MUSCAT: The OFA Events team is once more set to reach out to the Community and unearth talented gems with the all new Mazda Power of 5 tournaments. The idea is to have 4 tournaments, 1 each month running from December to March and use the tournaments as a platform to scout talent for the Oman National Futsal Team. It is yet another effort by the OFA Events team to engage meaningfully with the community. Each of the 4 tournaments will be played at the Seeb Stadium, with 3 players being chosen to be called up to a National Team Camp at each tournament. There will also be prize money to be awarded for the winning team of each tournament.

OFA’s technical experts and coaches will be in attendance in each tournament to select players, many of whom will see this as a way to showcase their pride and passion for their country by staking a claim to the National Futsal Side. “As the Oman Football Association, we take immense pride and a deep sense of responsibility towards representing Oman — something we want to give more people in the community an opportunity to feel. I think this is a great opportunity for players to come out, show their skills and passion to represent their country. We may even select more than the decided 3 in each tournament, as the objective is to only provide the best for the National Futsal Team.”  Said Alister D’Silva, Head — Brand, Events and Marketing at the OFA.

“Mazda Oman has been involved with the OFA and football for some time now. We have felt the need to engage at a Grassroots Level with the community and helping unearth hidden talent is a great way to do that. We hope that through this tournament, we can discover lots of talent — allowing the National Futsal team to have a stronger representation on the World Stage.” Said Riyadh Sultan, General Manager at Towell Auto Centre.