Occupational safety expo held in Nizwa

NIZWA, JULY 9 – Nizwa Hospital, represented by the department of Occupational Health and Safety Environment, organised an exhibition on occupational safety and health at Nizwa Grand Mall as it marked the World Day for Safety and Health at Work under the theme ‘The safety, the health and the future of work’. The exhibition, which included 28 sections comprising government, private and military sectors, focused on the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases in the workplace and raising awareness in society about health and safety systems applicable to all sectors.

The exhibition also highlighted the preventive procedures applicable to various sectors and activities. It introduced to the visitors the mechanisms for the disposal of hazardous medical waste in order to protect society from the spread of diseases and avoid health risks. The common injuries in the workplace, prevention and treatment, periodic check-up for workers and the methods of protecting the environment in the workplace were also discussed.

Some leaflets and brochures on occupational health and safety were distributed. They also provided an insight into the importance of sterilization and hand hygiene and the use of fire extinguishers, besides the procedure for dealing with accidents. The World Day of Safety and Health in the workplace is an annual international campaign organised by the International Labour Organization to promote a decent, healthy and safe working environment through a system that defines the rights and responsibilities of government, employers and employees.