Occidental Oman honoured with Sultan Qaboos Award for Voluntary Work

Occidental Oman was recently honoured with the Sultan Qaboos Award for Voluntary work in the category of Corporations, in recognition of the company’s CSR strategy and long-term social investments in Oman’s local communities.
Assigned by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the 6th edition of the Sultan Qaboos Award for Voluntary Work event was presided by Dr Rawya bint Saud al Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education. The ceremony was attended by Shaikh Mohammed bin Said al Kalbani, Minister of Social Development. Stephen Kelly, President and General Manager of Occidental Oman, attended and accepted the award as the company representative. Saif al Busaidy, Vice-President of Admin, Human Resources, and Corporate Social Responsibility at Occidental Oman also attended the event.
The Awards consist of several categories, including Individual Projects, NGOs, and Corporations. The Awards aim to spread a culture of volunteerism in the country, and the role of civil associations as an essential partner in the comprehensive and sustainable social development of the Sultanate.
Occidental Oman has undertaken a variety of social investment opportunities in order to create long-term social impact in local communities. Occidental Oman’s social development programmes focus on the fields of Education, Entrepreneurship, Welfare, Culture & Sport, in addition to Health, Environment and Safety (HES). The company has partnered with 25 NGOs and 11 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in supporting these ventures over the years.
“We are thrilled to receive the Sultan Qaboos Award for Voluntary Work, as it affirms our belief that social responsibility is fundamental to Occidental Oman’s success and reputation as a respected Partner of Choice, as well as our progress in the advancement and development of the communities in which we operate,” said Kelly.
“We are committed to achieve goodwill for Occidental Oman through focused, sustainable, and high-impact social responsibility programmes, in line with government goals and strategies, as well as priorities set by Oman Vision 2040. We hope that our future initiatives, in partnership with local stakeholders and within notable fields, will continue to benefit local communities and spread knowledge, create growth, and see long-term achievements for the current and future generations of Oman.”