OCA national cycling begins tomorrow


The Oman national cycling championship 2020-21, organised by Oman Cycling Association (OCA), will begin at Al Amerat on Friday.
The OCA Championship, which runs for a total of 641 km, consists of eight races – six road races, one individual time trial and one team time trial.
All the races are one-day events with separate prizes on each day.
The general classification leader in Open category will get the Omantel red jersey, general classification leader in Under-23 category will win the Bank Nizwa white jersey and general classification leader in Over 40 category will bag the Bank Sohar green jersey.
This year’s event will be competed by Ahli Sidab A and B teams, Al Rustaq, Al Shabab, Sur, Izki, North Road Oman, Gulf Cycles, Arsen Endurance/Diver Store, Nizwa, Brothers Team, Capital Team, Ibri and Royal Army of Oman.
OCA President Saif al Rashdi said he is happy that they were able to stage the competition despite the pandemic situation.
“This edition of championship was delayed due to the COVID-19 situation. We were waiting for the Supreme Committee decision to allow the sports competitions to begin. However, the event will be organised in full implementation of precautionary measures stipulated by the government authorities,” Al Rashdi told the Observer during a press conference to unveil the details of the championship.
The OCA president hoped the cycling races will see good competition.
“The event is open for the nationals and residents of Oman. We will witness professional competition among the cyclists,” he added.
The championship will start with a team time trial race at Al Amerat Police Station at 7.20 am. The race will run for 45 km from Al Amerat to Al Salil and back to Al Amerat.
Out of the eight races, women can compete in five races.
The OCA championship offers a total prize money of RO 8,635.
In Open category, the winner gets RO 600, second place is RO 500 and third place finisher will get RO 400.
In the general team classification, the first place team gets RO 800, while second gets RO 600 and third place team gets RO 400.
In the above 40 category, the top three winners will get RO 350, RO 250 and RO 150 respectively.
In the Under-23 section, the top three winners will get RO 300, RO 200 and RO 100 respectively.
Women will get separate cash awards in each of the five races they are entitled to participate. Cash prizes of RO 40, RO 30 and RO 20 will be awarded to the top three women riders respectively.
For the youth category riders, this will be RO 20, RO 15 and RO 10 respectively in each of their five races.

Anuroop Athiparambath