Observer discussion on social media and education

MUSCAT: While universities have recognised the potential of social media, the question is, are the educational institutions tapping its potential to use it as a tool in education. Oman Observer discussion, in its first edition, will focus on ‘Social Media: a new tool for education?’
It will delve into what the future might hold, with participation from panel of experts comprising Abdullah al Bahrani, Mutasim Sultan, Ahmed al Shukaili and the group Idlal.
The public have been invited to attend the event, which will be held at Hormuz Grand at 7 pm.
While social media is considered exceptionally useful for long-distance learning, there are others who believe it can be a distraction.
While mobile learning was considered a part of e-Learning, today more and more experts are separating the two and focusing on m-Learning because of the accessibility of smartphones.
Companies are finding mobile learning as one of the best options for training staff because of the freedom mobile phones offer compared with the desktops.
m-Learning offers freedom of whenever and wherever, but is the new perspective of social media as a tool for education going to stay?
The panelists will examine the pros and cons of latest trends as Ahmed al Shukaili, physiotherapist from the Ministry of Health, will highlight the problems in the neck and shoulders due to excessive use of cellphones.
Mutasim Sultan and Abdullah al Bahrani will focus on what is available when it comes to education online, while Idlal will share their experience in teaching online.