OAPFD workshop looks at Malaysian experience in managing offsets

Business Reporter –
In co-operation between the Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD) and Kuala Lumpur Strategy and Consultancy Services (KLSCS), the OAPFD yesterday hosted a technical training workshop for the PFD Programme with the theme, ‘How to manage offsets successfully — the Malaysian Experience’.
The workshop was presented jointly by Dr Jesbil Singh, a former Deputy Secretary-General (Management) of the Malaysian Ministry of Defence and now the Assistant Vice Chancellor (Industry Relations and Corporate Affairs) at the National Defence University of Malaysia (UPNM) and by Dr Kogila Balakrishnan, formerly the Undersecretary for Defence Industry at the Malaysian Ministry of Defence and now Head of Business Development and Client Management at Warwick University’s Manufacturing Group (WMG).
The focus of the two-day workshop is preparing over 80 participants from more than 38 entities who are obliged to implement the PFD Programme, as well as OAPFD staff, to become effective PFD (offset) Managers with adequate real-life skills.
The workshop is unique as it has been developed combining academic rigour, government experience and industrial know-how of offset management.
The workshop includes extensive comparative literature input along with empirical evidence of offset successes and supported by substantive hands-on and practical aspects and experience on how to manage offsets successfully
The workshop’s aim is that after completion of this module, successful participants will be able to critically appraise the impact of offsets on defence business, industrial and technological development, compare and critically evaluate the effectiveness of offsets practices globally and understand and evaluate how offsets can be used to create innovative business models.
During the workshop, Dr Jesbil and Dr Kogila discussed the objective of Offsets strategy and Policy, successful offsets project management and negotiation and how we can manage offsets risks.