OAPFD unveils Online PFD Monitoring System

MUSCAT, JULY 16 – The Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD) is running a pilot training for partnership for development programme (PFD) online system to ensure all requirements are met through feedback from the participants of the pilot. The PFD online system covers the whole PFD process from initiation when contracts are awarded by various government entities to signing of the PFD Agreement to complying with the PFD Regulations process upto project management and local market development including monitoring and reporting.

About 30 participants from selected government entities and contractors participated in the pilot training sessions. The objective of the pilot is to test the system and to ensure success of the online project through receiving customers’ feedback in order to refine the system to improve the effectiveness and users’ experience of the system before going live to the wider population. The Online PFD Monitoring System is a single platform that aims to manage and administer the PFD programme, capture PFD contribution for all government entities and it will be a good platform to encourage the international contractors and OEMs who are obligors to assess and consider the local industry as part of their internal supply chain to work together in order to develop the local capabilities and capacities.