OAPFD shares experience on PFD Programme

MUSCAT: The Omani Authority for Partnership for Development (OAPFD) conducted a briefing session at the British Council, in cooperation with the Omani British Lawyers Association, for lawyers from the association and their guests attending the session.
The purpose of the session was to present the programme and its regulations to the attendees to have a common understanding on the mechanisms of implementation of the programme prior to signing any government contracts.
The OAPFD team headed by Dr Dhafir Awadh al Shanfari, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority, gave a presentation on the history of the PFD Programme and how it began in the Ministry of Defence in 2000 leading up to the issuing of Royal Decree No 9/2014 in February 2014 and the establishment of the Authority.
Paul Williams, Adviser within the OAPFD, presented the objectives of the programme, which are to diversify the national economy, enhance national capabilities including military and security capabilities, and strengthening the private sector through new technologies and human resource development.
Williams presented the latest OAPFD Regulations that were approved by the Authority’s Board of Trustees in June 2015.
The session was interactive with a high level of interaction with the participants who expressed their appreciation of the engagement by the Authority with their organisation. — ONA