Now RO 5 for 10-day visa

MUSCAT, June 24 – In what is seen as a major boost to the tourism sector, the Sultanate has further eased the visa rules. According to one of the new amendments, a tourist can get a visa for just RO 5 to enter the Sultanate and stay in the country for 10 days. Tourist visas have now been divided into three levels at 10 days, one month and one year. The amended rule says a tourist visit visa “shall be granted by the competent authority to anybody who wishes to enter the Sultanate for the purpose of tourism and it shall be valid for 10 days with a fee of RO 5”. The Inspector General of Police and Customs in decision No 129/2018 issued on Sunday, amended some of the provisions in the Oman’s Executive Regulations of the Foreign Residency Law.

Two new visa fees have been included in the list of entry visas in Article 29 of the regulation on residency law 63/96. In another amendment, the fee for visa transfer application is set at RO 50. This is not refundable. Last year, changes were made in the Foreign Residency Law, including extending the length of stay in Oman for tourists from three weeks at a time to one month for one-year visa holders. The list of countries whose citizens can come to Oman on a non-sponsored e-visa was also expanded in October last year in an effort to attract more tourists to the country.