Nothing but only laughter here!

Humour is the worst victim of today’s mechanical life where everyone is in the race of achieving some material success. Advent of Internet and mobile have reduced human interactions and for many, entertainment is limited only in front of LED screens of various types and sizes.
Away from this trend a group of humorists, especially who specialise in humour poems and actions, took their audience to a different level of entertainment in which everyone in the performance hall was laughing. And some, who were in the habit of becoming too serious always “were laughing uncontrollably,” said one of the event organisers.
The event was organised by the Marathi Mandal Salalah titled ‘Global Pulotsav Pu lan chi Hasyanagari’ as a mark of tribute to PL Deshpande, a Marathi writer and humorist from the Indian state of Maharashtra.
“The event was full of positivity, as nothing can be more positive than laughter. The audience responded with laughter as soon as the artistes ‑Vandan Ram Nagarkar, Santosh Chordia, Mahendra Ganpule, Kavita Ghiya and Anupama Khare – took over the stage and the process continued till the end of the event,” said Dr Dilip Suradkar of the Marathi Mandal.
Soon after the welcome speech of Dr Veena Khardenavis, rest of the programme formalities were done by Dr Satish Desai, Sachin Itakar and Ravindra Kale, as the audience was eager to listen to the artistes.
“The event was full entertainment as we were doing nothing but laughing all through. It was rejuvenating and some sort of energy booster for all of us,” said someone from the audience.