Not maintaining Covid-19 protocols cause for concern

Salalah: Notwithstanding a brilliant defense against Covid-19 in Muscat capital area, there are reports of lax approach in faraway governorates where people are seen without masks and gloves at public places and even in hypermarkets.

Not maintaining social distancing is also a matter of concern among those who are following all possible protocols suggested by the Ministry of Health (MoH) and other competent authorities.

“May be they are more than assured after looking at the numbers which suggest maximum cases of Covid-19 are there in Muscat and whatever is there in other wilayats like Nizwa, Salalah, Suhar and Sur etc, is very less,” said a Salalah resident expressing concern over the trend.

“Since protection is the only solution of the disease as of now, people should not take it for granted. Everyone knows how it magnifies… they should respect the efforts of the country being taken to handle the Covid-19 outbreak. It is everyone’s responsibility to abide by the simple safety protocols against the virus that include wearing mask and gloves while going out of the house, keep maximum possible hand hygiene and maintain social distancing as much as possible,” he said.

Most of the hypermarkets are allowing restricted entry by checking body temperature at the entrance and only 10 to 20 people at a time. They are also keeping sanitisers at entrance and exit gates and regularly cleaning shopping carts. It is pathetic, however, to see some people just walking without any precaution and protection.

Similar is the situation at ATM machines, where some people hardly have patience to maintain proper distancing.

“Not everywhere the people from Royal Oman Police (ROP) can go and regulate. This is everybody’s responsibility to maintain social distancing and adopt all necessary measures on their own to keep the virus at bay,” said school teacher Abdullah Khatiri.

It is advisable for everyone to carry his own mask and gloves before visiting any shopping complex or even attending any emergency outside, he said and added even if you have to go to your own office, please use a mask and take care of hand hygiene.

He also suggested, “Be careful at the ATM machines and money exchanges due to the fact all sorts of people go there and you do not know who is carrying the virus and for that matter the carrier also does not know that he is carrying the virus due to many cases being reported are asymptomatic.”