North Al Sharqiyah forum a model for all governorates

Tourism has emerged as one of the strongest sectors in the Sultanate due to the farsightedness of the country’s leadership. A number of initiatives were taken recently in all the governorates to promote tourism nationally and internationally, among tourists as well as investors.
As part of the initiative, the Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah showed how tourism could be promoted through leisure activities and showcasing of heritage sites.
These activities were held at a forum that ran for 10 days. It saw lot of activity, which were a blend of both traditional and modern. It gave a panoramic view of the country, which has its own culture, traditions and heritage rooted in its history.
The forum also boosted the local economy. Occupancy rates in hotels and tourist camps rose, while restaurants and eateries bustled with tourists.
The entire governorate witnessed a rush of activity.
The North Al Sharqiyah forum was a first such event which was on par with Muscat and Salalah festivals in terms of the volume of activity. It showcased cultural heritage and pristine beauty of the governorate.
The North Al Sharqiyah Chapter of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry ensured success of the forum. It was a “high quality” event organised in a remarkable manner. It continued to attract a large number of people until the last day.
It was a well-organised event in which both the private and public sectors supported each other. Such events could be held in all governorates across the country.
The distinctive feature of the North Al Sharqiyah forum was its diversity and high standard. Equestrian and camel races added to the beauty of the event, making it more memorable.
Huge crowds at the event was not surprising, thanks to meticulous planning and preparation. People wanted to see cars racing on the sands and other such thrilling activities.
This was the first such forum which saw significant participation from the entire Gulf region. Arts, crafts and literature of the region was on show, giving the forum a new dimension.
It was a meeting point of creativity, culture and literary skills of those in the Sultanate’s governorates as well as the Gulf region.
The forum was important for one more reason: it provided the other governorates an opportunity to learn from its experiences.
This is an example that could be emulated by the other governorates to showcase tourism and culture to its people and those from the outside. It was a valuable experience for those wanted to learn more about the governorates and their history.
There are several possibilities for organising such forums in various governorates. The North Al Sharqiyah experience is expected to motivate other governorates too.
We have 11 governorates. If each governorate can organise such events for ten days, it would mean the opening up of tourism and culture, resulting in unprecedented development of the economy.
Such forums have a high value. The other governorates should learn from the Al Sharqiyah example. Those who have visited it will surely understand the value of it.
We hope the North Al Sharqiyah forum will benefit all. Hope the people who visited it, and the public and private sector organisations that took part in it understand its tourism, cultural and economic value. It is an example and a lesson that should not be lost.