NoC must for on rentals in banned areas

MUSCAT: Close on the heels of regulations for the law prohibiting ownership of land and real estate by non-Omanis in certain places, the government rolled out guidelines for renting out properties in these specified areas.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning said that the new guidelines are being issued as part of the organizational measures to bring controls on real estate in the specified areas.

“Non-Omanis should obtain no objection certificate if they wish to rent properties in banned areas and those allocated for residential, commercial, industrial, or commercial-residential purposes before renewing or registering lease contracts,” the ministry said in a statement.

The lease period should not be for more than one year, it said. Along with the lease agreement showing the purpose of lease, a no objection certificate from the ministry should be submitted to the relevant municipality which registers the lease agreement.

Other documents are a copy of the title deed, a drawing of the property, a copy of the tenant’s valid passport, and a copy of the tenant’s ID card should also be produced.

“A declaration that the leased property will not be rented to a third party should also be attached along with the application which should be completed using the electronic form available on the ministry’s website,” the ministry said.