Coronavirus: Mosques, churches, temple take preventive measures

MUSCAT: The Supreme Committee on Sunday announced that Juma (Friday) prayers will not be conducted in the mosques until further notice along with the instructions to avoid gatherings for marriages or funerals.
The measures have been taken to combat COVID-19.
The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs officials told the Observer that instructions have been given to Imams and preachers not to conduct lectures during the restriction period.
Abdulaziz al Ghaffri, Assistant Director-General for Preaching and Guidance, Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, said, “We have instructed the Imams and preachers to stop lectures in the mosques. All gatherings where people would have been needed to sit together in the mosques, have been stopped. All the religious programmes have been brought to a halt as well.”
“The Quran schools have been stopped as well initially for one month and later we will forward the committee’s decisions and instructions. The five times a day prayer continue, but we have instructed Imams who lead the prayers to hold short readings,” said Al Ghaffri.
Meanwhile, a circular from the Catholic Churches in Oman stated, “As per Oman’s measures to refrain from holding any public gatherings for one month as per the national efforts to combat Covid19, there will be one month halt on activities from March 16 till April 15.”
The circular also advised the faithful to avoid any group prayer meetings in private or public places including homes or rented places and encouraged them to stay at home and pray with their family members.
The temples in Darsait and Muscat had already issued a statement to avoid overcrowding and socialising. The Management of Hindu Temple has decided to cancel all the scheduled programmes and discourses etc.