No more commercial activities in residential buildings

Muscat – Muscat Municipality has said all commercial activities in residential buildings in certain areas will have to be stopped by by the end of 2018.

A statement from the municipality said, “The contracts already ratified by the municipality will be automatically terminated at the end of the license period. Buildings will be not permitted to continue the activities in the residential buildings after this date.”

This municipality’s announcement 21/2016 regulating the use of residential buildings for commercial purposes, which includes the extension of the period for buildings outside the approved streets within a period not exceeding 31/12/2016, or for a period not exceeding the period specified by the lease contracts registered with the Municipality.

In addition to Administrative Circular No. 24/2016 on the conduct of commercial activities in residential buildings, including the approval of the extension of the period of time for two years to come (until the end of 2018).