No more absconding worker notification through media

Muscat: The Ministry of Manpower has announced that reporting of absconding non-Omani workers will be made through its website instead of the local newspapers from September 23.

The Ministry pointed that this announcement is based on the basis of Ministerial Decision  270/2018 regulating the reporting of the runaway expatriate workforce, issued on 26/6/2018.

The Minister of Manpower had come out with a set of guidelines for reporting absconding employees in the private sector.

According to a ministerial decision (270/2018) published in the Official Gazette, the employer should furnish a bank receipt for three months of salary paid to the employee before leaving work.

The employer will be exempted from submitting documents if the employee who leaves his work place has not completed even a month in the country.

A private sector company should not report termination of the contract of an expatriate employee in the following cases: If there is a dispute (criminal/debt-related case) between the employer and the employee that existed before the employee withdraws himself or is absent from the job; if the worker is on vacation that is legally due. If the employer accepts resignation of an employee, he can issue a no-objection certificate.

The employee can transfer his services to a new employer within 30 days (notice period). The employer shall report the absence of an employer only seven days after he has stopped working.  The employee gets 60 days to file an objection to the report filed by the employer about his absence from work.

Vinod Nair