No direct effect on Sultanate from Cyclone Kyarr

MUSCAT, Oct 27 – Cyclone Kyarr continued to move west-wards towards the centre of the Arabian Sea. The tropical storm has intensified into a Category 4 cyclone with wind speed around the centre between 115-125 knots. The National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre said that cyclone Kyarr is now located some 1,010 km from the nearest point to the Sultanate’s coast (Ras Madraka), but there will be no direct impact on the Sultanate during the next three days. However, indirect effect from the system began to be felt on Sunday with rising sea waves of 3-5 metres along the coast overlooking the Arabian Sea, and there are chances of cumulus clouds.

The recent weather charts and numerical predictions indicate that the system continues to move towards the centre of the Arabian Sea, and is expected to maintain its Category 4 level, but there is a chance for the cyclone to develop into a much powerful one before it weakens due to a number of factors including the formation of a new weather system south-east of the Arabian Sea. In addition, the formation of winter depressions in the area will likely cause Cyclone Kyarr to lose strength and divert its path towards the Pakistani coast without causing a direct effect on the Sultanate’s shores. The Directorate-General of Meteorology at the Public Authority of Civil Aviation predicts fine weather over much of the Sultanate with chances of low-level cloud formation and foggy conditions.

Noah al Maamari