No clarity yet on Gulf Cup

Muscat, oct 16 – Oman Football Association (OFA) General Secretary Sayyid Usman stated there was no clarity yet with regards to the 2017 Gulf Cup scheduled to be held in Doha.
“Well, the draw has taken place as you know, but as far as the four countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE) are concerned nothing is clear so far. Even the Kuwait issue is there,’’ he stated.
With the prevailing situation in the region, the organisation of the Gulf Cup is in doubt, but Usman said Qatar has made a commitment to host it.
“They have made a commitment to host it, but let’s see,’’ Usman said.
Usman also said Oman Football Association (OFA) had signed an agreement with Qatar Football Association (QFA) recently.
“Agreement was signed between Oman Football Association (OFA) and Qatar Football Association (QFA) to help the Oman national teams and the clubs in the area of sports medicine, technical issues, marketing and media,’’ he said
“They will train our staff at their facilities in Doha in administration and other areas,’’ Usman added.
Usman said Oman clubs and players will also get access to the famous Aspire Academy in Doha after the OFA and QFA hold a meeting to discuss the modalities.
“There will be some sort of cooperation and coordination and we will receive a special treatment. It will be payment-based but it will be a special arrangement. More details will be revealed after the meeting to be held end of this year, by November,’’ he added.
Usman also revealed that this was not the first agreement that OFA has signed with a foreign association. They have signed agreements with countries like Japan as well.

Haridev Pushparaj