Nizwa summer scientific centre ends

NIZWA, Aug 6 – The Nizwa Summer Scientific Center has concluded its activities under the auspices of Abdullah bin Said al Saifi, a member of State Council, in the presence of excellences, shaikhs and parents of students. The ceremony began with the recital of verses from the Holy Quran by Ahmed bin Mohammed al Kindi. Al Saifi, in his speech, said the grace of Allah is countless, one of them is the grace of the time. “Allah has sworn in many places in his book. This is an indication of the importance of time in Islam.

A Muslim must take advantage of his time in a useful and beneficial way, and it is important to take advantage of time to seek useful knowledge that brings the Muslim closer to Allah.” Al Saifi thanked shaikhs and teachers for their efforts and time for the children and thanked parents for encouraging children to participate in the programme. Bader bin Salim al Shueili, a student, presented the ‘students’ word’. Shaikh Mohammed bin Ali al Shueili recited a poem. It was followed by a video presentation of the activities carried out during the programme.