Nizwa students launch awareness campaign while Batinah PWD hold forum on facing challenges

Iman al Abri –

The Students’ Volunteer Network (SVN) in Nizwa College of Applied Sciences launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness about life as a student and the challenges that come with academic life.
Called “With the student,” the campaign targets college students in various levels but with emphasis on foundation students programme.
Through the programme, students will learn how to understand grade point average (GPA) including how it’s calculated and its purpose, what suitable courses to take each semester and how to interpret and understand college and academic laws.
Azzan al Zadjali, the head of SVN, said “We had divided the network into three main committees: the media committee, whose job is to take note and report the achievements of the network; the volunteer affairs committee whose primary task is following up after students and the network; and the Public Relations Committee, whose task is to strengthen links and communication between students and the faculty members among others.
Participants and members were carefully selected and had to pass multiple interviews.
Meanwhile, in South al Batinah Governorate, a group of citizens with disability organised a forum giving them an opportunity to connect with each other and create a community where meaningful dialogues and activities can take place.
Attended by over 60 men and women from the different governorates and wilayats of the Sultanate, participants lively joined the fun activities prepared for them and provided insights regarding certain challenges and conditions.
Majority of the participants noted that their biggest challenge especially those who are wheelchair bound are the availability of private toilets in some public places and mosques while others pointed out the unfriendliness of some facilities who only have stairs in their establishments.
Participants also shared success stories, talents and skills in a performance show that gave them an opportunity to clarify that they can also do other things.
“The forum was an opportunity to showcase talents and open up areas for discussion and exchange of experiences. I really would like to thank the organisers for the effort they did and for making it truly a success,” Abdullah Al Balushi, and Saud Al Siyabi, shared.