Nizwa in rain and shine

Aphotography exhibition to celebrate Nizwa kicked off in Nizwa fort premises on Thursday. The expo features works of 40 photographers. It is an opportunity for visitors to watch the beauty of Nizwa, customs and traditions of its people. The photographers chose pictures that reflect the city they love, the Nizwa souq which is famous for its varied goods and the participation of children, adults, and elderly.
Photos covered Al Shahba Fort from different angles and directions.The pictures also illustrated handicrafts of Nizwa.


Sami al Hinai, one of the photographers, said: “The exhibition helped me to highlight the aesthetics of Nizwa and the life of people. It is an opportunity for me to share these with people. It will help to spread the art of photography. The organisation was excellent, and we were surprised by the number of visitors.”
Khalfan al Salhami, another photographer, thanked organisers for making the exhibition a grand success.
During the opening day, a number of participants and contributors to the fort work were honoured.
Citizen art band Al Shahba performed live folk music during the exhibition.
A collection of old cameras acquired by Jamal al Kindi, who is a connoisseur of Omani heritage and history, was also displayed.
The event was inaugurated by Shaikh Hamad bin Salim al Aghbari, Wali of Nizwa. The event was organised by Bawader International company, who manages Nizwa Fort for Omran. It is also mandated to restore the fort to its old glory.
The company has been hosting many events in the fort premises to entertain and enlighten citizens and tourists.
A shop been set up to sell souvenirs and gifts inspired by the castle.
The company aims to make the participation of the community to make the fort vibrant and an opportunity for craftsmen to keep their traditions alive. For tourists, it is an opportunity to experience the diversity and heritage of the fort.
The information about various events at Nizwa Fort is available on Facebook and Twitter at @Nizwfortoman. Bawader is working on launching a website for this project and online booking services.
Ahmed bin Sultan al Yarubi, Project Manager of Bawader International, said, “This is the first experience for a private company to develop the fort and present to the public in a suitable manner. The company will set up a restaurant and cafe inside the fort to sell Omani popular cuisine and will bring all the goods from the Omani Souq.
The fort also opens the way for all photographers to present their works. Cultural events and activities will be organised during the coming days to attract more tourists. The company is working on a service to give commentary for fort visitors in English and Arabic.
The castle will provide the visitor with an opportunity to enjoy and learn about the heritage, culture and history of this country,” he said.
Nizwa Fort is open to visitors from Saturday to Thursday between 8 am and 6 pm, and on Friday from 8 am to 11:30 am and again from 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm.
The entrance fees are RO 2 for adults and RO 1 for kids (aged 6-12) for the Omanis. For non-Omanis, RO 5 for adults and RO 3 for kids. No charge for children below 6 years.

Amal al Riyami –