Nizwa marks World Tourism Day

Oct 6, Nizwa – Nizwa Fort administration recently celebrated the World Tourism Day with the aim of raising awareness in the community about the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, economic and political values. The administration of the fort, represented by Bawader International Company, which manages Nizwa Fort for Omran, organised various activities to celebrate the occasion. The event lasted for three days. The activities included the holding of Bait Qarash exhibition, which belongs to Jamal al Kindi. It displayed Omani coins, collectibles and weapons, among other things.

Citizen art band Al Shahba and Bahla art band also participated in the occasion. There was a fashion show by Omani schoolgirls who presented various traditional clothes from different wilayats. Omani folk games were presented by children from different schools, while the elderly showcased traditional crafts. The Nizwa Cultural Centre participated in an exhibition that showcased ways of building and restoring heritage sites. Traditional Omani customs were showcased at the reception and various products and popular dishes offered daily during opening of the fort.