Nizwa Hospital conducts first two neurosurgery operations

Nizwa Hospital, represented by the Department of General Surgery, in cooperation with the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit, conducted two neurosurgery surgeries, in a new achievement for the hospital. The first surgical operation was a severe intracranial hemorrhage resulting from a severe head injury. The second was to remove bone fragments from the brain tissue resulting from a fracture of the skull bones.
Dr Khalifa bin Hamad al Shaqsi, Director of Nizwa Hospital, said: “The first two emergency operations in neurosurgery are the beginning of a new achievement for the Nizwa Hospital to introduce emergency brain and neurological surgery in the hospital.
In view of the urgent need to deal with many of the emergency cases resulting from injuries and accidents.”
“The hospital, along with the directives of the Minister of Health, is in the process of preparing a future development plan for the creation and development of the Neurosurgery Unit, which in turn will serve the governorate and the surrounding areas in reducing pressure on Khoula Hospital,” Al Shaqsi added.
Dr Said bin Abdullah al Baroumi, Assistant Director of Nizwa Hospital for Medical and Medical Affairs, said these operations are the beginning of the introduction of the Neurosurgery Service at Nizwa Hospital, which will combine with the other services as an integrated system of multiple services. The hospital is striving to develop them continuously in order to serve the beneficiaries better.
It also comes as a practical investigation and a realistic translation of the hospital vision of healthy leadership. Through the development of new services and improvement in the current services and the continuous development of facilities and infrastructure to meet the needs of the local people without having to go to Muscat.
Dr Khalid bin Said al Ameri, Consultant Physician and Head of General Surgery, said: “The Department of Surgery at Nizwa Hospital is constantly improving the quality of services provided. Breast surgery, upper gastrointestinal surgery, obesity surgery, neurosurgery were added recently to the Department of Surgery. Neurosurgery is considered the most important specialties, especially in a hospital such as Nizwa Hospital, which receives many cases of brain and neurological injuries due to traffic accidents, which may require urgent surgical intervention.”
About the two cases treated at Nizwa Hospital, the first for a child with a skull fracture that was compressed inward, leading to increased intracranial pressure on brain tissue. The procedure was performed as soon as possible and the compression was removed and the patient currently at recovery stage.
The second case was a 20-year-old man injured in the head as a result of an accident. He arrived at the hospital in a coma. Where the radiation showed the presence of bleeding outside the brain membranes, which led to pressure on the brain while reducing the area within the skull to the lowest level.
The transfer to Khoula Hospital would require waiting for a lot of time, thus reducing the chance of rescuing him. With the presence of specialized staff in this area, and despite the lack of potential in this area, the medical team decided to conduct the operation at the hospital giving the patient the greatest chance to save him.
The operation was performed and bleeding was controlled with the removal of clotting blood clots on the brain. After the operation, the patient was transferred to intensive care to the complete treatment with a gradual improvement in his health.

Amal al Riyami