NFC enhances maritime transport

MUSCAT: The efforts of the National Ferries Company (NFC) express its importance in the overall development of the Sultanate by fostering many sectors of development.
The company is one of the achievements of the blessed Renaissance in the developmental and economic aspect and a witness of the progress enjoyed by the Sultanate under the glorious reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.
The company has contributed to the economic and social development in the Sultanate by providing suitable and convenient means of transport for citizens and residents, and enhancing tourism and commercial activity through the transport of individuals, vehicles and goods, in addition to contributing to the benefits of investors by reducing the cost of transporting inputs in the construction sector in the Governorate of Musandam and Masairah Island, or to increase the movement of tourists and thus stimulate hotel activity.
Ferry services today reach 8 local ports through the implementation of 69 journeys per week, in addition to access to some regional ports.
The company’s latest statistics issued at the end of October 2017 indicate an increase in the number of passengers and vehicles transported on the ferry fleet.
The number of passengers transported by the end of October of this year was 198,622 passengers compared to 183,354 passengers during the same period last year, an increase of 8 percent.
The number of vehicles shipped on ferries by the end of October reached 50.916 vehicles compared with 44.431 vehicles during the same period last year, a rise of 15 percent, in addition to the shipment of more than 27 thousand tons of equipment and heavy goods.
The company has an advanced fleet of 7 ferries of various model and functions to suit the requirements of the regions through which it provides its services for the transport of passengers and vehicles and light cargo, in addition to the landing ship (Halaniyat) for the provision of transport services of equipment and heavy vehicles, in addition to livestock.
The company’s efforts since the start of its operations have not only enhanced the maritime transport system, but have also Omanized various senior positions by recruiting Omani youth to work with the ferry crew and providing new job opportunities for the market.
Today, Omani youth occupy the highest maritime positions to be pilots for the latest fleet of fast ferries.
The National Ferries Company aims to provide a modern, convenient way for citizens, residents and tourists, and to connect the coastal areas of the Sultanate. It is also a tourist window to the Sultanate through participation and attendance of several international conferences and events.
It is a platform to introduce visitors to these exhibitions to the role played by the company in the field of providing integrated tourism products and services and to establish the Sultanate’s position in the forefront of the global tourism industry. — ONA