Neymar blasted on social media over latest haircut

Neymar is the most expensive player in the world and the biggest hope for Brazil to win their sixth World Cup title. But his performance inthe Selecao’s 1-1 draw with Switzerland in the opener in Russia was not the biggest topic of discussion on social media but rather a his latest hairdo.
Berlin/Rostov-on-Don (dpa) – Football fans will have watched Brazil’s1-1 draw with Switzerland and seen that the Swiss clearly had a gameplan of roughing up Neymar to keep him from deciding the game.
Those less knowledgeable about the game – or just out to have a laugh on social media – were more focused on crushing the Brazilian superstar for his latest hairdo.
The Paris St Germain star ran around the pitch in Rostov with a dyed blonde semi-perm that drew the ire of many watching on TV.
Twitter was full of people comparing Neymar’s hair to spaghetti while others said it looked like straw and still others pondered why the most expensive footballer in the world had a small mop on his head.
“I wonder if Neymar’s hair went through quarantine on the way in to Russia. It surely has a life of its own,” poked Twitter user@kaimanwong.
Twitter user @TrapAHolic__ quipped: “Marcelo gotta talk to Neymar about self-love and wearing his natural hair,” referring to Brazilian captain Marcelo, himself known from his big flowing mane of hair.
World Cup players’ hair drawing attention is no new phenomenon, going back to Bobby Charlton’s combover in 1966 to Carlos Valderrama’smajestic blonde afro in 1998 to Ronaldo’swhatever-you-want-to-call-that in 2002.
None of those stars had to suffer through the mocking in the age of social media though. Neymar’s hair resulted in numerous memes, including one reading “Make Neymar great again” with the hairdo of President Donald Trump superimposed on Neymar’s head.
The 26-year-old Neymar answered his critics on Instagram as he was shown sitting in a salon getting his hair washed when he looks at the camera and puts his finger on his lips and the words “Shhh …” show up.
According to the Munich-based newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Neymarhad his own person hairstylist flown into Rostov on Saturday to comeup with a new creation.
Over the years, Neymar has gone through various looks, ranging frommohawks to fringes to a top-hat look.
And what does a high-society hairdresser think of Neymar’s locks?
“The hairdo is clever. It’s an eye-catcher,” said Udo Walz, stylistto the stars in Berlin. “Everybody must do what they want.”
But will Neymar’s new look become a trend? Not really, according toWalz, who added: “The hairdo does not have the flair to be a trend ofthe year.”
There was at least one media outlet that praised Neymar, splashed the headline: “Neymar’s hair is the real winnerof the World Cup.”
It said the star’s hair emerged as the victor of the 1-1 draw betweenBrazil and Switzerland.
“Neymar’s no stranger to an outlandish do. All throughout his careerhe’s somehow convinced hairdressers to ignore every fibre of theirbeing and use him as a test case for the most experimental stylesaround,” the Australian news portal wrote.

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