New regulations for ferries on Shanna-Masirah line

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology has issued a circular regulating the work of ferries operating between Shanna Port and Masirah Island to ensure security of marine navigation. The circular banned the transportation of trucks loaded with fuel, gas and construction materials along with light vehicles but permitted their transportation alongside heavy trucks, keeping safety distances between cars in accordance to the lines drawn on the ferry deck, adherence to the weight limit allowed on ferries, adherence to closing the ferry door during the journey. The circular also stipulated the issuance of a transportation card for all vehicles and trucks in addition to the commitment to providing insurance for passengers and vehicles and giving priority to maritime safety under all circumstances. The port supervisors at Shanna and Masirah ports were directed to follow up the implementation of the regulations. Anyone who violates the regulations will be held legally accountable and the ferry will be suspended.