New fees for hazardous waste transport

Fahad al Ghadani –
Muscat, Feb 16 –

New fees has been prescribed for companies storing or transporting hazardous waste in the Sultanate.
The ministerial decision No. 10/2017, signed by Mohammed bin Salim al Toobi, Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs, includes two extra articles on Hazardous Waste Management Regulations.
The first article says a two-year licence can be obtained for RO 50 for carrying out different activities, including hazardous waste transport and its storage, processing and collection.
Companies should pay a licence fee of RO 75 to tranport hazardous waste up to 100 tonnes, RO 100 for 100-500 tonnes, RO 200 for 500-1,000 tonnes and RO 400 for more than 1,000 tonnes.
The licence is valid for two years.
A fine of RO 500 will be slapped on companies found violating the previous article, stated in the second article.
Another ministerial decision issued by the minister is to regulate the possession and use of chemicals.
The ministerial decision No. 14/2017 prescribes fees for
carrying out activities involving chemicals.
Companies will have to pay RO 30 for a licence that will enable them to import up to two tonnes of chemicals, RO 70 for 2-10 tonnes, RO 150 for 10-100 tonnes and RO 300 for more than 100 tonnes. All licences are valid for one year. As per the decision, companies can get a licence for three years for using/ selling chemicals for a fee of RO 100, while companies that manufacture chemicals must pay RO 200. Companies exporting chemicals should pay RO 40 for a one-year licence.
The ministry also addressed the issue of use of drainage water. The ministerial decision no. 12/2017 says a fee of RO 50 will be collected for a two-year licence for discharging treated drainage water, “bounced water” from desalination plant and wastewater.
Companies discharging water during oil production should pay RO 300 for a two-year licence. The violating companies will be fined RO 500.
The ministry has also prescribed new fees for import/export of endangered plants/ animals.