New e-Services in the pipeline

The Royal Oman Police (ROP) is working on a number of new services, including renewal of Omani passport, identity card and residence card, as part of its e-Services drive.
In a Twitter dialogue initiated by the Information Telecommunications Authority (ITA) as part of its e-Services campaign engaging government agencies, the ROP explained how it achieved excellence in providing services electronically to the beneficiaries.
The question and answer session, which began at 7 pm on Tuesday, lasted for more than an hour.
Speaking about transforming its e-Services, the ROP said: “Our strategy was to transform traditional transactions to electronic by linking all the police departments. We computerised the centres and provided services that would help citizens and residents.”

It said: “The shift to electronic processes helped reduce cost and time. It helped increase production and enabled departments to complete greater number of transactions and achieve higher quality.”
“The switch to electronic services helped reduce work time at the ROP centres.” In April, ITA had conducted a survey to assess individual usage and awareness of the government’s e-services.
The survey found ROP electronic services were the most used and popular services.
Ninety-three per cent of respondents were aware of ROP’s e-Services, while 86 per cent used these services.
In addition to field collection, ITA’s social media channels were also used for the survey.
Similar interactions will be held with other government entities in the coming days as e-Services of five entities were addressed in the survey, namely ROP, Ministry of Health, Muscat Municipality, Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Commerce and Industry.