New bins: Put garbage in it, don’t throw

MUSCAT: The residents in various parts of Muscat have welcomed the new garbage containers installed by Be’ah, which is responsible for solid waste management in the country.

At the same time, the employees involved in waste management disposals say that users are yet to come to terms with the new containers, that have been installed with the aim of keeping the neighborhoods clean. Be’ah has taken over the waste management service in several parts of Muscat, including Seeb and Muttrah.

“Be’ah’s mandate includes installing new containers with special specifications, collecting and transporting waste to the landfill for disposal in a safe and secure manner.” Earlier, the users had to just throw the waste-filled plastic bags to the open containers placed at several strategic locations. “Now all users have to open the lid of these containers to place their garbage. They just cannot throw from a distance or even from the car. As a result, at many places local residents just place their waste bags around the garbage bin, defeating the purpose,” said a member of a waste disposal team.