New banknotes feature landmarks

The new banknotes which are in circulation from Monday have some special features and landmarks. For example, on the RO 20 banknote, there are pictures of Muscat International Airport, Sohar Industrial Port, Salalah International Airport and Batinah Expressway.
On the RO 10 banknote, there is a picture of Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Great Mosque of Al Baleed in Salalah and niche (mihrab) of Uweyna mosque in Wadi Bani Khalid.
On the RO 5 banknote, Sultan Qaboos University, Royal Opera House and Museum of Oman have been featured. It depicts ancient Oman through the places like Manah, Khasab Castle, Wadi Ain cemetery in Ibri, Al Jirz in Musandam and Omani Khanjar.
On RO ½, Ain Kour in Dhofar, frankincense, Arabian leopard, the sooty falcon in Muscat and Batinah South are featured. Besides, the green terraces of Jabal Al Akhdhar, coconut trees in Dhofar, palm groves and Falaj al Jaeela in Sur have been featured on the 100 baisas banknote.
The Central Bank of Oman (CBO) on Sunday issued a new banknote in the denominations of RO 20, RO 10, RO 5, RO 1, RO ½, and 100 baisas for circulation in the market. This issuance is the completion of the sixth issue of the Omani banknotes (1441 H-2020G) which began by circulating the RO 50 banknote in July last year. The CBO is working in coordination with the banks in the Sultanate to make ATM, CDM, vending, and all other withdrawal and deposit machines compatible with the new banknotes.