New amendments to social housing bylaw

Shaikh Saif bin Mohammed al Shabibi, Minister of Housing, issued a ministerial decision No 59/2017 amending some provision of social housing bylaw to come into force on the following day from the date of its publication in the official Gazette.
The decision has replaced Article 36 of the bylaw, which gave the Minister of Housing the right, after getting the approval from the Ministry of Finance, to make exemptions from social loans for the applicant whose total income does not exceed RO 300, has no arrears or overdue instalments, or properties worth the amount of the loan.
New amendments require the applicant to have one of the conditions to be eligible to be exempted.
The conditions of which are being at least 60 years of age, belonging to social security families falling under the category of disability and old age, proven to be incapable of work, based on an accredited medical report or having a 5-year prison sentence.
These features have been amended to meet the needs of the age and the requirements of the social conditions.
It also comes in a bid to update the housing laws and regulations when the need arises for the same.

Zainab Al Nassri