Never lose hope

Shared Thoughts

Last weekend, I decided to just sit at home and do nothing but think about life’s success and failure. I was aware that the editor of this paper was about to remind me that I haven’t sent this week’s article, but my mind was still being occupied by so many thoughts about what people go through in life daily.
As I read and watch the news; my heart bleeds at the thought of many people around the world whose life is compounded with so much misery.
You see so many people sad, angry, hungry, thirsty, mourning, in tears and generally suffering irreversibly. Some countries endure disgraceful violence that dampens the spirits, hopes, and aspirations of much of the population. People lose their properties. Others get severely injured and many lose their loved ones.
Despite the prevailing despair, I notice something wonderful in some of these people. They agree that while they face severe challenges, problems, difficulties, hardships and trials, they are determined to find lasting solutions.
They believe that at the end of every dark night will finally come the dawn. Those who confidently know that, no matter how bad things may seem there is always hope. Life is a slippery road, only the brave go through it to their destination.
These people know that they are driving on a slippery road but they don’t give up; they do all it takes to continue moving forward. They don’t allow the winds of life to blow them wherever they want to. They take charge. They stay in control. They are determined to remain victors, and refuse to become victims. They see clearly their difficulties but destiny inspires them. They refuse to survive on whatever fate throws at them.
If you think you will sit back crossed-legged and things will automatically workout, brace yourself for failure.
Once you badly want to get to a place you can always get there no matter what. Defeating fate and realising one’s destiny can seem so difficult, but it is not impossible.
We should not allow tragedies we face to ground us and stop our progress. We should understand that tragedies are never meant to floor us. Every challenge if wisely handled must spur us into a forward movement and make us better. Every one of us, faces challenges, no one is unique. In fact, challenges make champions but how we respond to those challenges is what differentiates between being an average person and becoming a super achiever.
Obstacles should never keep us from achieving our desired destiny; they should serve as the ultimate test to prove how badly we want to succeed. In life challenges are inevitable. You will never rise higher without first overcoming challenges. But whether you prevail or surrender is optional. It is up to you to choose.